Kevin Wenzel

Executive Director, MIMA Music Group Inc.


  1. Introduction
  2. When did you start playing music and what instrument was it?
  3. When did you start exploring other instruments?
  4. What comes to your mind when you think creative learning?
  5. Did you have experiences of creative learning whilst growing up?
  6. How did your experience with MIMA begin?
  7. How have the communities you have worked with embraced creative learning methods?
  8. What was the biggest challenge you encountered in your experience with MIMA?
  9. How was it working with the community here in Egypt?
  10. How did you expect the community to react to the workshop?
  11. Do you feel that in other cultures children from the countryside were more flexible to the idea of improvising?
  12. Do you find that children would rather sing songs they already know, rather than composing a new one?
  13. How did your collaboration with Amin and Ibrahim from Makan go?
  14. Is this the first time MIMA have collaborated with two other teachers during a workshop?
  15. Did you feel they were open to revisiting their own teaching methods?
  16. How did you feel their approach to teaching was?
  17. What would the child you were think of the man you have become?
  18. What do you think a child in the world needs the most today?
  19. What is your biggest hope for the future of the world?
Play all questions


  • Interviewer: ELISA SEDNAOUI
  • Cinematographer: UGO RICHARD