Our work


Our programs aim to nurture youth’s and children’s ability to experiment and develop their own unique potential to envision and create a better world through hands-on experiences with the arts.


Widening perspectives;
Nurturing healthy relationships with “the other”;
Celebrating the richness of multi-cultural knowledge and the importance of accepting differences.


Promoting acceptance;
Building a sense of self rooted in dignity and respect;
Fostering civic participation and engagement;
Encouraging social entrepreneurship and responsibility.


Utilising horizontal forms of education;
Providing nondiscriminatory opportunities for participation;
Nurturing equitable global perspectives and common humanity.


Access to the arts and creative learning, especially using creative facilitation, have the power to:
1) transform the early social and cognitive development of children;
2) foster innovators and problem-solvers;
3) facilitate self-discovery, curiosity, acceptance of difference and interest in lifelong learning;
4) build a sense of community and promote civic engagement.


ESF launched its pilot project in Luxor, Egypt in April 2014 with a youth workshop. Since then, we have conducted two additional youth workshops (reaching more than 300 youth) and four progressive adult trainings, allowing us to build facilitator capacity. In January 2016, we inaugurated FUNTASIA, a permanent cultural center that offers year-round activities.

Today, our program in Luxor consists of three components: weekly after-school classes, youth workshops with artists, and adult facilitation training programs. In September, we started weekly classes, with nearly 20 students each, enabling us to engage, between the classes and workshops, over 350 students per year in creative learning experiences. Our adult trainings to date, led by PYE (www.pyeglobal.org) and based on the Creative Community Model, have served a total of 60 adults, with 25 adults enrolled in our ongoing training program and six of them forming part of the core ESF Luxor team. As of January 2017, our Luxor-based facilitators will begin leading adult trainings outside of Luxor!


With our inaugural youth workshop in May 2016, ESF expanded to Bra, Italy. We partnered with Save the Children, the local City Council and Partnership for Youth Empowerment (PYE) to provide a week of a creative learning experiences for 140 middle school students, as well as facilitator training for 30 adults, composed of 10 governmental school teachers and 20 after-school programs’ educators, including facilitators from Save the Children’s Punti Luce (Points of Light) centres.

With artists leading different art forms such as singing, drumming, film directing (the young people even directed short films, including one about the making of the workshop), acting, photography, and circus, young people had the opportunity to explore their own creativity, work together, and build self-confidence all in a safe, nurturing environment. In the fall ESF’s curated curriculum will be implemented in the after-school programs at two Save the Children’s centers across the country. For more information or to send us your ideas, please email us at: info@elisasednaoui.org.